A Dream Come True: Sunday Night Football with John Madden and Monday Night Football on ESPN

Have you caught Sunday Night Football with John Madden and Monday Night Football on ESPN yet. It’s a dream come true for most football lovers.

Since Monday Night Football has always been on ABC since it’s สูตรลับของ UFABET beginning almost 40 years ago, it is a little strange for it to be on a different network. It seemed like the end of an era last year when the last Monday Night Football on ABC aired, complete with scenes throughout the years.

At the same time, what we have now is, in my humble opinion, a great combination. Something we only dreamed about when I was I kid.

On Sunday night we get Sunday Night Football with John Madden and Al Michaels, the same team that has headed up Monday Night Football for the last several years. I can’t imagine televised football without John Madden and him drawing little diagrams on the screen.

And then on Monday night we get Monday Night Football on ESPN. I remember when ESPN first began in the early 80’s, who would of thought that it would one day host the institution of Monday Night Football?

And yet ESPN has brought a certain pop and attitude to MNF that I really did not realize was missing until this year. One of the best and wisest things they did was to keep the same theme song music.

So heres to Sunday and Monday Night Football. Perhaps we can begin to add the other night now as well. That would be something, wouldn’t it?

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