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Dispensing System


Inkmaker Easypaint is the ultimate solution for the modern paint and coating Industry. The Easypaint comes in two version: one combining the reliability of a gravimetric dispensing head with the speed of volumetric tinting and a second version, available also in EEXD flame proof version, combining two gravimetric dispensing heads in order to guarantee maximum dosing precision. Designed for high-volume productivity, high colours reproducibility and speed, these TDF (Tinting During Filling) systems guarantee fast, accurate and reliable performances, making them the perfect solutions for high turnover depot tinting or distribution centres.

Technical Advantages:

  • Optimization of floor area

  • Stock reduction and rationalisation: only the base components are stocked, this implies and cuts semi-finished products management

  • Availability of all colour ranges

  • Just in time, on the spot production

  • High accuracy and reliability

  • In-house developed software is constantly updated by qualified professionals

  • Software controlled production boosts plan productivity and reduces costs


Our In-Batch dispensing system has been designed to resolve the issues related to medium sized batches production. This solution allows for more options as far as quantity and colours choices within the size order of up to 2,000 Kg x batch. This is ideal for special colour request; it will increase both speed of delivery as well as production flexibility. Production speed will be of 1,00 Kg of finished products in less than 15 mins (excluding mixing).

Technical advantages:

  • Optimisation of floor area

  • Stock reduction & rationalisation; only base components are stocked. This greatly simplifies and cuts semi-finished products management

  • Availability of all colours range

  • Just in time, on spot production

  • High accuracy and reliability

  • In-house develop software is constantly update by qualified professionals

  • Software controlled production boosts plan productivity and reduces cost.


Our systems are conceived for applications in the paints and coating industries. Thanks to our patented “swinging arm technology” and centre point dispensing, these systems offer the advantage of dispensing into containers of any size.


The systems are operated by a computer through our own developed software, which is able to handle all aspects of paint production.


Dispensing heads are equipped with valves, mounted on a circular frame.


Our systems can handle both water based as well as solvent based products (EEXD version).


The products feeding the dispensing heads can be stocked in barrels or tanks, interchangeable or fixe, depending on consumption. The configuration of the systems is developed according to the space available.


Our Lab dispensing head can be equipped with up to 96 dispensing valves, place on a circle and each one of them moving to a centre point for dispensing. Valves have one flow plus pulsation to obtain accuracy and are made of stainless steel. Dispensing precision can be up to 0.05 g. (depending on the scale).

An automatic wet cleaning of the valves is done at the end of each production. If required, the dispensing head is equipped with a solvent vapour exhaust collector.


The movement of the valves to the centre point is performed by a pneumatic cylinder. Movement is horizontal, not as a pendulum, to be as close as possible to the receiving container.


This design of the head allows for a high degree of flexibility; as each valve dispense from the same point, this allows production in containers of any size.


This combined technology is the perfect answer for the preparation of custom colour batches.


Both dispensing heads are connected to the same colorant’s tanks. Thanks to our high precision Lab dispending head in combination with a lab standard electronic scale, a small sample of the required formula can be produced. At this stage, a pre-QC test is carried out and with the aid of a spectrophotometer and colour matching software, we can immediately evaluate if any variation is needed and send the validated formula to the production dispensing head.


Paint production management system:

Our proposals aim to resolve all issues related to production, with the implementation of modern software controlled procedures, which will help performing better, faster and in a more economic matter.


Our systems will help achieve the following:


1) Preparation of coloured paint batches guarantee constant colours reproduction, elimination of unnecessary QCs and speeding up of production time.

2) All batches can be produced only when orders are finalised an only in the required quantity, thus eliminating unnecessary stock.

3) Software controlled production, with direct link to the company management software (ERP). This will allow tight control over all stages of production, such as:

a) Raw material (colourants) stock management

b) Formulas updates

c) production planning

d) Costing of finished product

e) Automatic, computerised reporting (over 100 different types of reports are available)

f) Products traceability based on job numbers, used components, clients, product, etc.

4) All our systems can also serve as laboratory machines, which are able to dispense small quantities of formulas through a dedicated “lab standard” dispensing head and high precision electronic scale.

Aurora Process (UK) Ltd. Also offers, complete, “turn-key” solutions for any project in paint and coatings industries.