Flapjacks Recipe

I realize pancakes are exceptionally normal and there are plans wherever for them yet I just needed to share this specific formula. I have been searching for a formula for pancakes for more than 15 years. At the point when I was a young lady I used to proceed to play with my companion, and her mum generally had the most excellent hotcakes. During that time I have attempted such countless different plans however they simply didn’t appear to have that crunch so when I attempted this formula last year I was totally happy with the outcome and my multi month old child loves them as well. They are a great solid tidbit so I don’t care about him having them, anything beats desserts or garbage.

I generally add pumpkin seeds to the blend or then again in the event that I don’t have them in the house some sesame seeds. You truly can add anything, chocolate a little of pleasantness or raisins however on the off chance that you add raisins try not to over cook them as they get scorched, trust me it has happened to me, the pancakes were fine yet the raisins were like shots – everything flapjack revolves around experimentation.

The formula is one by Rachel Allen and is taken from her book “Rachel’s Food for Living”. A really magnificent book.


12 oz margarine

2 liberal tbsp brilliant syrup

6oz delicate light earthy colored sugar

1 tsp vanilla concentrate

3 oz plain flour

13 oz oats


Place the margarine, brilliant syrup, sugar and vanilla concentrate in an enormous pan and raise to a stew and mix permitting the spread to soften. Whenever you have a decent smooth surface take the pan off the hotness and include the flour and oats (and on the off chance that you have any seeds and so on) Combine as one and spread into a swiss roll tin.

Prepare in a stove at 180 Celsius for around 20 to 25 minutes until they are a brilliant brown. Cut into squares when actually warm in the tin and permit to cool a little prior to eliminating to a wire rack.

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