So Many Windows, So Many Style

Don’t know what type of window will fit your house? Here are a few lists for you to choose from.
A window can either be fixed or operable. Fixed windows, as the name implies, cannot be opened. An example of this is a picture window where outside view is necessary but ventilation is not needed. Other fixed windows can be customized to any shape.

Operable windows on the other hand can be adjusted. Here are some models:

Awning windows have their hinges at the top. It cranks outward so when they are on the higher part of the wall, they can provide fresh breeze especially during the night. A similar type is called casement windows but these open either to the left or right. There are appropriate for areas like the space above the washing machine where you don’t have to bend forward to open the window.

Bay windows have three panes protruding beyond the wall. The homeowner can have a wider view of the things outside. The center window is the largest and the other two have similar sizes positioned at 45-degrees to the wall. Most have a covering on top of the windows Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent for better protection. A related type is a bow window that consists four to five windows slanted at the same angle. These windows make the house more stylish.

Clerestory windows are located above another window, roof or door. They add ventilation to the house and additional lighting during the day.
Double-hung windows consist of two windows called sashes. The two units slide up and down in the frame. Another similar type is the cottage window. The upper sash is shorter than the lower glass. A single-hung window on the other hand has only the lower sash that can be opened while the top is fixed.
Palladian windows are usually found in Renaissance architecture. The design has been incorporated in modern houses since then. It has a large window at the center and two smaller windows on each side that form an arch.

Patio glass windows can either be hinged or sliding. They are large enough to serve as doors too. If space is a problem, the latter type can maximize the limited area in the house.

A single pane window has a 1/8-inch thick pane. Ordinary types are poor insulators so they can be a headache during extreme weather conditions. These can be improved by storm windows. An extra window covers the older, inner window. This new set up improves the insulation in your home. It also reduces the UV light coming through. Installing the storm window can either be dangling with a gate hook and eye or sliding up and down like a single-hung window.

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