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Aurora Mill - Submills


Basket mill for batch grinding and automatic in situ grinding:

From 5 Ltr - 1750 Ltr Grinding Capacity

Theory or design concept

The Aurora Mill, SUBMILL complies with modern grinding technology, instead of one or two passes through the mill with reduced throughput, it is more effective to increase the number of passes with higher output.


In fact, it is proven that the disadvantage of a continuous mill (vertical or horizontal) is that the residual time of the different pigment particles is not the same.  Some particles stay longer in the grinding chamber whereas others will exit more quickly. 


The Aurora Mill SUBMILL system on the other hand has a combination of expulsion and suction, ensuring that all the base product passes through the grinding chamber many hundreds of times during the operation and is progressively uniformly processed.


Within the SUBMILL process system, there is a direct relationship between particles residual time and particle size distribution.  At the end of the process, the fineness spectrum is very narrow and the colour strength is duly achieved with improved yield.

The advantages of the Aurora Mill, SUBMILL

Coating products can be manufactured from start to finish using the same container thus halving the cleaning process. The premixing operation is reduced to a minimum and post mixing is not necessary.

The grinding process can be carried out in automatic mode, no supervision is required. Many of our existing customers set the SUBMILL to run unattended to achieve a higher throughput, a temperature probe is provided to protect the product.

In comparison with the conventional mills (ball, bead & triple roll mills) the Aurora Mill SUBMILL system is highly efficient therefore grinding times are vastly reduced.  Compared to conventional mills the SUBMILL effectively decreases energy costs lowering the carbon footprint.

The Grinding Chamber is designed as an open system so that grinding media remains in a floating state. Therefore, flotation and compression are no longer a problem.

Cleaning is very quick and easy.  Following the grinding operation, the basket is raised out of the process material, partially emptied by the slow running of the machine and then finally submerged in the relevant cleaning material.


Our customers comment on the ease of use and cleaning of the Aurora Mill SUBMILL.

Grinding Media

Milling time is directly proportional to the diameter and density of the grinding media.  The number of contact points in a given volume depends on the diameter of the beads.  Small media particles are important to obtain better grinds.

Grinding media with high density is suitable for formulations of high pigment concentration.  However, all kinds of grinding media such as zirconium silicate, yttrium stabilized zirconia and glass can be used.

Mechanical features

The Aurora Mill SUBMILL has all the advantages of our world renowned mixer-dispersers with elevating rams and infinitely variable speed controls.

All parts coming into contact with the grinding media have smooth extremely hard surfaces, which result in minimum wear.

All parts coming into contact with the material being processed are of high micro finished stainless steel to reduce cleaning down time.

A pressurised lid enables processing in a controlled atmosphere or vacuum.

The grinding chamber is fitted with a specialised jacket for the circulation of cooling water.  This cooling system effectively dissipates heat at source during the grinding operation and efficiently decreases the temperature of the product during the grinding.

Alternatively the interchangeable dispersing / grinding vessel is fitted with a spiral flow water jacket for optimum temperature control.  The coned bottom ensures optimum circulation of the product during grinding.  Should the machine be required to run at less than maximum capacity the above design also facilitates operations with smaller batches.

The motor is driven by a frequency inverter with infinitely variable speed.

Only the Aurora Mill SUBMILL can work under vacuum.  The vacuum pump can deaerate the material to be processed, modify thixotroy, in other words improve rheological properties of the base product during the grinding process.


The Aurora Mill SUBMILL works in a closed system as a sealed unit, there is no risk from loss of
solvent and consequently prevents contamination of the environment ensuring VOC's
are kept to a minimum.

The Aurora Mill SUBMILL shows that the sole of the environmental problem is to avoid the need for removal of all emissions by not producing them in the first place.

 Application fields:

  • Industrial varnishes, car refinishing, wood varnishes, coil coatings, decorative colorants, concentrate colorants and pigments suitable for tinting systems

  • Flexographic and rotogravure inks, UV inks, ceramic inks, digital inks, magnetic inks

  • Textile colorants, leather pigments

  • Agrochemicals active ingredients

  • Food industry: chocolate, concentrates for ice cream production

  • Body care industry: lip sticks, nail varnishes, tinted bases

All our products are available in IP or ATEX execution with full certification worldwide.

All our machines are CE marked.

How it works :


  1. The grinding basket is immersed into the vessel.

  2. Which contains the product to be ground.

  3. The turbine plate creates a strong suction as well as a vigorous expulsion and   ensures the whole batch passes many times trough the grinding basket (8)         during the process. The grinding basket is filled with suitable diameter beads.

  4. Which are accelerated with an agitator disk.

  5. The moving beads stress the product to be ground, this energy developed by  the stress causes the break up of conglomerates of product. The grinding          basket is open at the top and equipped with an impeller to ensure throughput. 

  6. Filter at its bottom which prevents the grinding beads from escaping from the   basket. Most if the energy produced by the internal agitator disc is converted to heat. The heat is carried off by a cooling circuit set inside the basket.

  7. Inside the Vessel might be an additional cooling jacket, in order to control         properly the temperature range. To prevent foam or evaporation you have a   pressure sealed cover.

  8. Grinding basket.

  9. Pressure sealed cover. Which closes the grinding mill vessel and allow process with no supervision.